Our Mission: To exalt Christ, to raise up His glorious, victorious Church to reveal His glory, to transform lives, cities and nations.

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Thank you for visiting our website. At Victory Today we are truly passionate about Christ, about being conformed to His Image, being His glorious Church, and lifting Him up in our City, the nation and the world! We are also deeply passionate about His presence, His Word, prayer, and seeing lives saved and totally transformed by the power of His Spirit!

We are excited to announce the soon coming launch as Victory Today Church! Currently, we are praying and believing God for a good location to launch.

If you are interested in learning more about VTC and/or would like to join our Launch Team, or sow into the Dream, just email us at contactus@victorytoday.church or leave a message at 469-440-8840 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

God's Answer For America Book


Join Christians across America at 12:00 Noon daily as we continue to Pray for an Awakening! God is moving and now is not the time to stop or let up, but we believe its time for God’s people to get up, to speak up and to Press in as never before. We believe we are in the final push before we see this Awakening! So Join us in Pure, Passionate and Persistent Prayer until we see the promise of God for America! You can Start by Signing up Today at Pray-America-Pray.org.

God's Answer For America Book

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There are times in history when God moves through His leaders and people in a way that changes everything. Now is the time!
Urgent – Timely – Prophetic!


Featured Video

Victory Today Music presents Joshua and Rachel deVille’s NEW “Great Awakening” (Official Lyric Video). Also hear “Breaking Heaven Open.” Both are prophetic songs for such a time as this.


A Biblical “Glorious Church“ Model

We believe there is a biblical model for His Glorious Church/the Eccelsia .
We call these biblical truths the 5 “Glorious Church” Pillars.

5 “Glorious Church”
Fundamentals to Transform

Central to the “Glorious Church” message are 5 fundamentals we will be teaching to help build a strong faith foundation,  strong disciples, families,  ministries, and leaders that will rise up in these intense times as Christ’s glorious, victorious Church – A people ready to shine taking salvation to the nations,  impacting their own families, lives, cities and nations!

1. Knowing God (Awe and Intimacy)

2. Knowing Who We Are (Identity)

3. Knowing Why We are Here (Purpose)

4. Knowing Where We Are Going (Destiny)

5. Knowing What We Believe and Why

We see this reflected throughout God’s Word, especially when Jesus said:

”I know where I came from and where I am going…” (John 8:14). 

These 5 Fundamentals are centered around the author and finisher of our faith – Jesus Christ! (Hebrews 12:1-2).

5 “Glorious Church” Pillars

1. Foundation For Transformation
• Teach the Full Uncompromising Word of God – the Milk, Meat, & Sweet.
• Building Intimacy with God
• How to Be Transformed into the Fullness of Christ (Eph 4:13)
• Teach the 5 Glorious Church Fundamentals
• Communicating God’s Truth and Life in Love with Balance.

2. A Gateway for Heaven to flow like a river upon earth (House of Prayer)
• Prayer will release God’s power and pave the way for everything we do.
• Establish a 24/7 House of Prayer & Worship to Connect Heaven to Earth.
• Releasing Heaven’s River of Life to flow (Ezk 47/Rev 22).
• Supernatural worship that will release a new sound for this new day.

3. A Dwelling Place for the Glory of God (House of Worship)
• A Presence Driven Church.
• Create an environment for the presence and glory of God to come and dwell.
• Pure and powerful Worship in Spirit and Truth.
• New Songs born of the Spirit going to the nations.

4. Building Strong Families and Leaders (House of Disciples)
• Building and Equipping Strong Healthy Disciples & Families in all areas of life
• A Biblical/Kingdom Worldview Center – both spiritual truth and apologetics.

5. Advancing the Kingdom of God (Rich Salt & Bright Light)
• Unashamedly sharing the light of the glorious gospel of Christ
• Speaking the truth in love and through all forms of communication
(person, print, web, videos, TV, movies, and music).
• An Ekklesia:  impacting and influencing communities, cities and nations
• Engaging at every level of the Culture

 See “12 Directions” in the Glorious Church page.

Victory Today House of Prayer & Family Church in Frisco, TX

Christ Centered • Creating a Dwelling Place for God’s Presence & Glory • Life-changing Word of God • Spirit Filled • Raising up Strong Disciples, Families and Leaders to be Salt and Light • Prophetic Voice & End-time Insight • Bringing Healing & Transformation to lives, communities, cities and nations.