END TIMES SERIES – A New Biblical Paradigm Shift

Charts for Part 3 – When is the Rapture, Really? 

4 Main Rapture Views Taught

The common view “7 Year Tribulation = God’s Wrath” vs  what Scripture shows


When JESUS says the Rapture is

When PAUL says the Rapture is

When JOHN says the Rapture is

The “PAROUSIA” Rapture View.
When Jesus, Paul, & John says the Rapture is (Combined).

The “PAROUSIA” Second Coming Extended View (An Overview)

Chart for a New Paradigm End-Time Sequence 

End-Time Sequence & “Parousia Rapture” Events Overview
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End-Time Sequence & “Parousia Rapture” Events with EXTRA NOTES
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The Book of Revelation has an Ordered Structure but it’s NOT all in Chronological Order. Part of that order is a Chiastic Structure – a common form of writing in the Scriptures (Old and New Testament). See the “End-Time Sequence” message for more details.

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