Preface by Cindy: Following is a Prophetic word the Lord gave me this morning (Feb 11, 2021) as I was in prayer in the Spirit. I kept hearing this over and over again: “And the pendulum will swing” as I waited on the Lord, I knew He had something to say.. I do not know timing or details on what He will expose, but I share it with you today to ponder and pray. 


And you shall see the pendulum swing. And I will shine a bright, a very bright light on that which is hidden in the night.

The pendulum will swing and I will expose and reveal many things.

The pendulum will swing and I will bring all things into the light. For I will not turn the other way as they play their games, says the Lord, but I will draw My sword and I will fight for My people and this land.

Do they not comprehend or understand that their fight is not with any man, but it is with Me, the King of Glory!

I will not be silent, says the Lord, and I will not be mocked, for I am watching the clock and they are running out of time, for the judgments (against the powers of darkness) that are about to come, they are mine. 

PLEASE NOTE:  I do believe this word has to do with the future of our nation and God’s people. I do believe the judgments spoken of here are judgments against the powers of darkness! We continue to Pray, “Thy Kingdom Come Lord, Thy Will Be Done, on Earth as it is in Heaven!”


Cindy deVille
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