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This Prophecy and warning from December 2007 is still crying out to America today. We have not yet seen National repentance or Awakening which we must have to Change the course of our nation. In light of America’s great distress we believe it is critical to keep this warning and call before the nation. 

PREFACE: God’s Love Sends a Prophetic Message to Awaken
We believe God in His love and goodness has sent a modern day prophecy to both warn and awaken America before it’s too late. This prophecy is a sobering yet compassionate cry from the heart of God to America that came late 2007 and began unfolding in our news early 2008, and continues to speak to us today. It also provides insights on the reasons for 9/11, Katrina, and recent historic droughts, fires, floods, record storms, and economic shaking. It foretold what has happened, reveals why, and provides a glimpse of what is yet to come if we do not change course, quickly.

Malachi 3:6 declares “I the LORD do not change.” When God speaks it is most often first through His written Word (the Holy Bible). However, when we as people or a nation choose to cast Him and His Word aside, God, in His great mercy, will then send His servants and prophets, to speak and to warn in order to turn us from our self‐destructive ways. But, if we mock or reject these then as a last resort God will use natural means and circumstances to get our attention, as He did in Biblical times. An example is the ten plagues sent upon Egypt in Moses day. Another is Amos 4:6-12 that shows how God in His mercy sent warning after warning through drought, natural disasters, calamity, enemy attacks and more—until the tipping point of greater judgment came—enemy invasion, captivity and exile.

This prophecy also exemplifies Romans 11:22 which proclaims “Behold…the goodness and severity of God.” For while this prophetic word speaks of God’s goodness and mercy, it also speaks of the severity of His justice and judgment. It is a very strong word that carries a message of redemption and great hope (just as many prophecies in God’s written Word). We must understand, God’s objective is life and restoration, not death and destruction (John 10:10; Ezek. 33:11). God’s warnings and judgments come not to condemn but rather to awaken and turn America from her path of utter self‐destruction.

Our prayer is that you and our beloved nation will hear the deep and consistent fatherly cry of God’s heart for America to awaken, to turn back to Him and His ways, before self‐destruction and great judgment comes. Whatever your theology may be regarding modern day prophecy, warnings, or judgment, we ask that you would take this very seriously, humbly and prayerfully read it, and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you; then judge it for yourself.

The “America! America!” Prophecy

December 5, 2007, prophetic cry and warning through Cindy deVille 

Preface: On the night of December 5, I was reading an excerpt from George Washington’s prayer journal. I then went to bed and was extremely restless, and for several hours lay on my side weeping and groaning as though I were in pain. I kept seeing visions of the streets of America. I believe this was intercession, groaning of the Spirit of God for our nation (Rom. 8:26–27). Unable to sleep, I got up and walked into the living room and had what some would call an open vision (it was like a movie playing before me). For a moment it’s as though I was standing in the middle of America and saw enemies all around trying to get in. They were pressing hard from every side to get in. Then this word of prophecy and warning came, and I wrote it down…

“Many enemies, many, many trying to get in!
America, America! You are filled with sin.
Guilty, guilty you stand before Me!
You are weighed in the balance and greatly found wanting.

If you do not turn from your sin,
My protection over you shall subside
And the enemies will come inside.
For I’ve cried out to you, but you would not hear Me,
For you no longer love, honor, or fear Me.
Judgment, judgment, judgment is standing at your door.
It’s standing at your door.
Yet, will you sin more and more?
You go on as if nothing is wrong!

Enemies, enemies, enemies, they all want in!
America, America! You are filled with sin.
You have exchanged My glory and My truth for a lie. (Romans 1:24-32)
You have cast My Word and every restraint aside.
Turn away from your sin, turn away; pray, pray!
Seek My face and I will turn your enemies away; I will not let them in.
Free yourself, America; turn from your sin.
Turn from your perversions, your lusts and greed.
Humble yourself and cry out to Me.

Choose life and not death!
For the cries of the unborn are calling out to Me.
The blood you have shed is knee deep.
Turn, turn or you will see blood run in your streets.
Turn Roe vs Wade or for all these lives you will surely pay.
For as you have sown much death, so shall you reap.
Judgment is waiting, judgment is waiting,
While you keep on debating.

Turn, turn, turn or you will see your cities burn.
There shall be bloodshed and war in your streets.
For without My defense you will see defeat at the hands of your enemies!
The Towers were just a warning.
The Towers, New Orleans, New York City, the natural disasters, fires, floods, droughts;
These are just the beginning of sorrows, Warnings I am giving you this hour.

Why do you not heed, why do you harden your heart,
Why do you not turn and cry out to Me?
Hear My cry—for I long to shed My grace on thee!
I want to show you My goodness and My mercy,
But what else can there be?
If you will not heed My warnings, My judgments must come.
They will run, they will be swift and sure indeed.
They shall be swift, they shall be sure; who can endure.

For I AM the God of all the earth.
The wind and the sea at My command, they all obey Me!
Natural disasters will be multiplied unto thee
Because I have seen your sin and unrepentant heart.

For you must turn and repent,
Or I shall take your glory and your wealth from you
And you shall no longer be great.
For in My hands America, I hold your fate.
For I can cause your markets to fall in a day.
All that you trust in will dissipate.

I cry out to you this last time;
Turn, turn, turn, repent, repent, repent!
You must turn from your sin;
Then I can begin to heal and restore you.

I long to show you My mercy,
But you have turned Me away again and again—
Away from your schools, away from your children.
You have turned Me away from rule, from your government.
You have rejected Me, and you have given place to other gods.

So now, if you do not repent, I will leave as you have asked.
My protection shall leave you,
My goodness and mercy shall leave,
And My glory shall leave you.
You shall be left to your own ways.
The enemies will come in
And the devastation and destruction will begin.

America, America, America, I am your defense!
Only you must turn from your sin!
Turn back to Me and I will heal you, and I will help you,
And I will cover you, and show you My glory.

Humble yourself under My mighty hand
As you did when you were young.
Put no other gods before Me.
Then I will come and heal your land.
This is My final cry to you.
America, what, what will you do?

For the sake of your children, turn back to Me
Or all this devastation they shall see.
I cry out to you, turn back to Me!”

God in His great love and mercy is sending a strong and clear message to turn America from the path of self‐destruction and severe judgment. God does not delight in the death of the wicked or the destruction of sinful nations, as Ezekiel 33:11 proclaims, “I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live. Turn, turn from your evil ways! For why should you die…?”

Awakening Through Judgment or Outpouring?
We believe God has a destiny for America and He has the power to bring our nation to its knees and back to Him. The important question is, will America be brought to her knees through a nation‐shaking Great Awakening or will she have to go through calamity, chaos, and great loss? Or will it be both? We all have a choice to make, which path we will take—self‐destruction and great judgment, or a Great Awakening and restoration.

Changing the Course of The Nation
The good news is God has not only provided clear warnings of what’s coming and why, but He has also provided the Answer to turn everything around! The serious nature of the “America, America!” prophecy brought us to our knees to seek God regarding the course of our nation. It was there the critical message of our new book called God’s Answer for America was revealed and birthed. We believe this book has the Answer and contains the keys to bring the greatest awakening ever seen and dramatically change everything.

Urgent Message!
From God’s house to the White House, to every house in America, we will all stand accountable before God as to what we do with this urgent message; especially those in the pulpits across America. How quickly we (God’s leaders and people) respond to “God’s Answer” is critical and will determine much. The future of America is at stake—our families, our children, our churches, and our cities! Everyone will be affected—everyone.

Our prayer is this urgent, timely, and prophetic book will get into the hands and hearts of every Christian and pastor in America. God is counting on His leaders and people to help change the destructive course of this nation by embracing His answer. He is calling His leaders and people to their knees, then to rise up and lead the way into a new day for our churches and our nation—for one way or another things are about to change!

Above are some excerpts from the new book “God’s Answer For America: How to Save and Change a Nation.” For more information go to

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