Please Stay Tuned for Announcement of future Dates and Times.

Calling the Nations to Join us!

A time of preparation for a time of visitation across the nations! Join us as we come together to worship and to pray for an Awakening such as we have never seen in America and across the nations of the earth! At this time of national and global crisis God is calling us to humble ourselves in repentance, in worship and in prayer for the salvation and healing of the nations!

Join us  as we LIVE STREAM  Awakening to Glory Services from our Victory Today Global Facebook.   We are calling God’s people together across America and the nations to join us for these nights of Prophetic Worship and Prayer as we proclaim God’s Word, His will, plans and purposes over His Church and into the earth.

The Photos below include Awakening to Glory Services we have had in the past, and also include some photos from our Pray, America! Pray Campaign and the National Day of Prayer we’ve hosted the past few years.