God has given us a Vision to create and build a dwelling place for His presence and glory to reside. See the word below and more details here.  

Calling Worshipers to Create A Dwelling Place…

Feb. 22, 2019
Prophetic Song the Lord spontaneously gave Cindy as Joshua was playing on the keyboard:

“He’s calling all the worshipers from all around.
He’s calling the worshipers in the cities and the towns.
He’s calling them in to begin – to build a place, a place of highest praise.
A place for the King.
A place where He will sit enthroned.

A place where everyone will, come to know…
He reigns, He reigns, He reigns from His throne.
He reigns and rules, He reigns through His own.

Beside His Throne there’s a seat for the Bride to be seated
A place where she will rule and reign with Him.
A place that’s free of sin.
I see a scepter, and I see a ring.
I see the Bride and the coming King.
I see her dressed in perfect white – purified – a spotless Bride.

So I’m calling all the worshipers from all around, from every city and every town.
To come and prepare the way.
To come and create a dwelling place.
A dwelling place.”

Stay tuned for news on public service times and locations.