The Power & Glory of Sanctify

8.19.17 - One of the most important messages you will ever hear. Besides prayer and fasting there is one KEY thing we can all do to help PREPARE the [...]

Works & Grace (Part 2): Being a Fully Devoted Bride

8.12.17 – Works & Grace (Part 2): Being a Fully Devoted Bride. The Christian Life is like a Marriage. Is being fully devoted in a marriage “Legalism”? Is building [...]

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Works & Grace (Part 1): Beyond Salvation — to the Promised Land

8.05.17 – Works vs Grace (Part 1): Beyond Salvation — to the Promised Land. An important message to move us beyond elementary teaching and on to spiritual maturity. It [...]

Life-Changing “The Glorious Kingdom” Allegory

A Life-Changing Allegory called "The Glorious Kingdom” from our "The Passion: Journey of the Bride" message series, by Pastor Darrel deVille. This KEY message most are not aware of [...]

The Passion: “Journey of the Bride” Series

Every Christian has an incredible destiny and Journey before them that most are not aware of. Come learn what the Journey of the Bride is and the Passion that compels her to pursue Christ and [...]

“Rise of The Glorious Church” Series

Christ/Yeshua is returning for a Glorious Church! "That He might present it to himself a glorious church" Ephesians 5:27.  We are entering a time as never before, just as Jesus foretold [...]