Connect & Begin The Glorious Journey

At Victory Today Family Church we are committed to raising up a Glorious, Victorious Church Christ is returning for (Eph. 5:27)! Following is the journey and process that will help take you and your family from faith to faith and from glory to glory.

We believe God has a specific and Divine Destiny and plan for your life! You are not an accident or here by chance. Your Life purpose and journey truly begins when you take that first step by saying yes to Christ, making Him Lord and savior of your life,  turning your back on sin, being brought out of the kingdom of darkness into the glorious Kingdom of Light in newness of life. When you take this first step you are born again and become a brand new creation in Christ, with the seed of His greatness ready to grow unto fullness. Victory really does begin with Christ.

You can become a member of Victory Today Family Church by taking our New membership Classes (dates and times to be announced)  This will include learning the vision and purpose of the church and give you a glimpse into the glorious destiny God has for you.

Transformation begins as we daily renew our minds to the life changing truth of God’s Word! As we move forward we will be offering Glorious Church Discipleship Classes, bible studies, special worship and prayer services, along with the prophetic. Weaved through all this will be what we call the Glorious Church Fundamentals to bring you, His people into the fullness of Christ.

The next step is becoming fruitful by serving in the local Church body. Once you have gone through our membership and leadership classes you will be prepared and ready to serve in a greater way in ministry.

As you walk daily with God and allow His life changing word and Spirit to work in your life you will see a powerful transformation take place as you are changed daily into the image of Christ, into a mature son or daughter of God. You will be ready to rise up and be salt and light, His glorious Church in the earth!

More details to come as we develop our growth track. For questions feel free to contact us here.

Victory Today Church/House of Prayer is:

Christ Centered • Creating a Dwelling Place for God’s Presence & Glory • Life-changing Word of God • Spirit Filled • Raising up Strong Disciples, Families and Leaders to be Salt and Light • Prophetic Voice & End-time Insight • Bringing Healing & Transformation to lives, communities, cities and nations.