As we continue to pray for America and our leaders, we must also ask ourselves some serious questions about the person(s) and the platform we want to represent and lead us.

The choices and decisions we make all have consequences. Thus, we must pray, do our own research, and choose wisely! There are two very different paths before us, and the wrong one will continue to lead us as a nation down a path of self-destruction.

Proverbs 29:2
When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

1. Do we want a godless nation or a nation where God is welcomed, honored, and celebrated? Many liberal leaders mock the very idea of God and any moral absolutes. Are these the people we want representing and leading us, our schools, and our children into the future?

2. Do we want a nation where Pastors are thrown in prison for preaching truth from the Bible, or do we want leaders and Representatives who will stand for our Religious Freedoms?

3. Do we want leaders that fight for abortion on demand and up to birth? Or do we want those who cherish every Life and will work to find life-giving solutions for both a mother and her child?

4. Do we want leaders that will defund the police and release criminals into our streets or leaders who will support the safety and security of all Americans?

5. Do we want leaders who have an agenda to disrupt and destroy the nuclear-traditional family as they celebrate and promote immoral lifestyles? Or do we want leaders who will honor and uphold the traditional meaning of marriage and family while encouraging healthy, moral lifestyles?

6. Do we want leaders who will indoctrinate our children and schools with Socialist-Marxist and extreme liberal and immoral ideologies? Or leaders that will help strengthen our youth by reinforcing the strong foundations that made America the greatest nation on earth? God, Family, and Freedom!

7. Do we want leaders pushing racist CRT ideologies, Drag Queen Story Hours, and Sex Ed to Kindergartners in our Classrooms or leaders with a moral compass who won’t use the color of someone’s skin as a divisive tool to divide the nation?

8. Do we want leaders who threaten us, force vaccinations, and mask our children? Do we want leaders that will shut down our economy, take away our jobs and ability to provide for our families unless we do what they demand? Or do we want leaders who honor our freedoms to choose what we put in and on our bodies?

9. Do we want leaders that have no problem silencing all opposing voices and use tech companies to do it, or do we want leaders who will honor our freedom of speech and open healthy debate?

10. Do we want leaders willing to sell out America for their own personal gain or leaders who love our nation and its foundations and will do the right thing to keep America a strong nation?

11. Do we want leaders that leave our borders open to sex trafficking, drug dealers, criminals, and disease, or leaders who will do their job and fight to secure our borders and keep our citizens and communities safe?

12. Do we want a nation with sanctuary cities where criminals are rewarded, and ICE is vilified? Or leaders who will follow the laws?

13. Do we want leaders willing to shut down our economy indefinitely and strip Americans of their freedom to live, work, and worship?

14. Do we want leaders who do not support our men and women in uniform? Or leaders that honor those who serve?

15. Do we want leaders who support Marxist organizations that riot, loot, burn down cities, and kill our Police officers?

16. Do we want leaders against school choice, leaving our inner cities and minorities to remain in poverty, or leaders who see the problems with education in the inner city and want to fix them?

17. Do we want leaders pushing their green agenda, unable to see that we must have a balance between the environment and the economy,  or leaders who understand the importance of using common sense in addressing environmental concerns?

18. Do we want leaders who hate America and want to strip us of our strength, forcing us to be dependent on other nations for our energy, nations who hate us? Or, do we want leaders who will legislate and vote to keep America strong and energy independent?

19. Do we want to be a Socialist/Communist nation run by Marxists, or do we want one nation under God, with the freedoms granted us under the constitution of the United States?

20. Do we want America to become a third world country or a God honoring, strong and prosperous nation that can be a light to the world?

We cannot be swayed by smooth talk and warm speeches, nice smiles, presentations, or popularity. Many liberal left politicians have a lot of dark money behind them, and marketing experts who know precisely how to manipulate the masses! Thus, we must seek God in prayer and exercise wisdom and discernment as we case our votes.
Please do your research, and look at how they vote, their history, and what they genuinely stand for.
Cindy deVille
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