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God will be raising up “glorious houses of prayer” everywhere that will play a critical role in our nation and in these last days, and your church will be part of it!

Victory Today Church is building a “Glorious House of Prayer” in Frisco Texas!


Prayer is high priority at Victory Today Family Church. Jesus declared that His house was to be a “house of prayer” (Isa. 56:7; Matt. 21:13; Luke 19:46; Mark 11:17) —to be a light house with God’s Word, worship, and prayer at its very core.

• We have Prayer before every Weekend Service.
• Our Worship and Services include prayer.
• We are praying daily as Church leadership team.
• Once we have our facility we plan to also open up the Church for Early morning and noon prayer.
• Our goal is to eventually have a place with 24/7 Worship and Prayer.
More details about all this are to come. The following prophetic Word and Vision show the power and results we will see!

Prophetic Word:

Glorious House of Prayer—Rivers Flow Out, Souls Flow In

April 30,2014, through Cindy deVille

“My House, My Church must be ready to take them in, those that have been lost in sin,
They must be ready to take them in and disciple them.

My Church must be ready. For when I begin to move it will be like a mighty wave, and many will be saved.
They will be saved, and the churches must be ready! They must be ready. Tell them — they need to be ready, they need to get ready, They need to be ready get ready for what I am about to do.

In those cities, in those communities, in those churches, in those places where My people are praying, where My House of Prayer is…
Rivers are going to flow out of My House – into the communities and into the cities, and souls will flow in. And prayers will flow out, and souls will pour in. And I will begin to disciple, to transform, and to change.

Where the House of Prayer is planted – their prayers will be granted – and rivers will flow.
So many souls, so many – don’t know which way to go. But as the prayers flow, as the prayers flow out — it will cause the lost souls to turn, and they will know where to go. They will go to where the rivers flow. They will see the light house, and they will say to their family, ‘Come and go with me.’

The House of Prayer, My House, will be a Light house in the midst of dark and despair, and many souls will turn, and they will know where to go — where the light is and where the rivers flow. That is where they will go. For they are not looking to be entertained — they are looking to be changed, to be changed.”

Vision of a Fountain:
I see a big beautiful fountain in the middle of a city, and people, communities, and families are coming to this fountain. They are all drawing water and drinking from this fountain. They are coming from all around drinking from the fountain.

“This fountain will never run dry. As the prayers of My saints are going forth day and night. They will never turn out the light — My light house will shine day and night. The fountain will flow day and night.

Prayer is the power the will keep the light shining bright. Prayer is the power the will keep the fountains flowing. The prayers will be what will draw them to Me, says the Lord. For it’s not by might or by power but by My Spirit – released with the intercession and the prayers and the cries of the saints.”

This is a glimpse of what we are building here at Victory Today Family Church, in Frisco Texas!

Victory Today Church/House of Prayer is:

Christ Centered • Creating a Dwelling Place for God’s Presence & Glory • Life-changing Word of God • Spirit Filled • Raising up Strong Disciples, Families and Leaders to be Salt and Light • Prophetic Voice & End-time Insight • Bringing Healing & Transformation to lives, communities, cities and nations.


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