Following is an excerpt from Chapter 15 of our book God’s Answer for America, published in 2015. This Blog/Chapter includes some key prophetic words and a vision Cindy had regarding Pastors & Leaders in His House.

As you read, you will see that God has and is carrying out His word. We believe you will begin to understand what God is doing in His Church and why the Great Shaking had to come before a Great Awakening could come.

Unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it.
—Psalm 127:12

Right now, God is looking for strong pastors and leaders who have a heart after Him and will do things His way. He is looking for those who are willing to lay down everything, embrace His plans, then rise up and lead His people into great victory and help change a nation. A related quote regarding this is from EM. Bounds.

The church is looking for better methods; God is looking for better men. –E.M. Bounds 

During a time of prayer, God revealed His heart to us regarding His leaders (the five-fold ministry). It was as though He was showing us the kind of man and heart He was searching and looking for—someone to build His church,  lead, and to care for His sheep in these last days.

God Is Looking for a Man
January 12, 2008, prophecy through Cindy deVille

“I am looking for a man, a man who will seek after and embrace My plan, a man who will build My church, My way.” I could hear Him say, “Who will do it My way?”

God is not looking for a Rock Star. He is looking for a man who knows and pursues His heart! God is looking for a man that is humble and broken before Him.

Then the Lord continued:
“The land is filled with pastors who are building on sinking sand, Building by the strength and reasoning of carnal man.

They read the books, statistics, and polls, Yet Me and My ways they hardly know. They embrace the latest fads and trends, Yet where will it lead them in the end?

I know their clever marketing schemes, But many of their hearts and ways are far from Me. Is there a man who will cast aside The ways of the world and all its foolish pride?

Is there a man who will come humbly before Me? Who will pray a great price down on his knees? Who will die to himself and take up his cross? Who is willing to count all things of this world as loss!

Is there a man who will build My church? Is there a man I can trust to obey, A man who will do things My way?

Is there a man who will abandon his own plans and seek My ways? For I AM the ancient of days, I hold the mysteries of the universe and the wisdom of the ages.

Many have decided they are smarter than Me. They have abandoned My ways and dug their own wells, some of which will lead many souls to hell.

They are building by the wisdom of the world and its ways, and it will cause many of My people to be led astray.”

God’s ways may not always be popular, but they will produce rich and lasting fruit. They will have eternal and everlasting results. They will produce life!

Carnal, natural ways may appear to prosper in the day, but they will always fall away. The fruit that seems to appear will rot on the vine. But not when it’s done God’s way, for His fruit will remain throughout all time! God is looking for those that will build His church His way rather than just the American way.

Remembering Whose House It Is
It is a weighty thing to remember one day; we will all stand accountable before God as to our stewardship of His house. God will not be concerned about our popularity, how many Facebook or Twitter followers we had, how many books we wrote, how many people were in our churches, or how many TV stations we were on.

As the Head of His church, He will want to know whether we built His house His way or if we did it our own way, following the fads and trends of the day?

A Lesson From Three Little Pigs
Building man’s way versus God’s way is the difference between building a house of straw versus a house of brick (remember the three little pigs folktale). When the strong winds blew, the house of straw easily collapsed, but the brick house stood strong and steady.

The truth is the “house of straw” was quick, cheap, and easy to build, but it was devastatingly frail, weak, and easily destroyed by the big bad wolf (a parallel to Satan, the kingdom of darkness, and life’s storms). On the other hand, the
“house of brick” was costly and took time and hard work to build, but it withstood every attempt of the big bad wolf to destroy it.

If we build God’s way, it will stand the storms and have eternal value (Luke 6:48; 1 Cor. 3:12–15). For God’s ways are perfect, and His Word is proven true, and He is a shield to all who trust in Him (Ps. 18:30). God’s ways can often seem at first foolish to carnal man, but the truth is God’s ways are brilliant and far higher than ours (Isa. 55:9). We need to embrace His higher ways.

No Guts, No Glory—it’s Time.
The truth is if we want to see the glory of God and a Great Awakening in our lives, our churches, and our nation, it will take guts; it will take great courage, conviction, and undying commitment and determination.

Right now, we need courageous leaders and not cowards in our pulpits. We need leaders who fear God and not man, those who will confront the sin many are living in. We need men of valor and courage who won’t back down, who won’t compromise, giving in to Satan’s lies.

We need real leaders who will feed the people milk and meat instead of just cotton candy and sweets. God needs real leaders who will raise up fully devoted, fearless followers of Christ—who know God, who know what they are fighting for, who know what they believe, and who boldly speak the truth in love!

It’s time to shake things up and change the status quo in our churches, our nation, and even in our personal lives. It’s time to stop settling for less than God’s very best. If we are willing and obedient to do what God is asking of us as His leaders and people, we believe we will see His glory and the Greatest Awakening ever seen in our land.

A Changing of the Guard
There is coming a greater sifting, shifting, and repositioning as God tests and tries the hearts and motives of those in leadership. God will need to remove those in leadership who insist on building His church their own way.

We are entering a new day, and God’s leaders in His house must hear His voice, move quickly, and do exactly what He says. He cannot have insubordinate leadership; this is rebellion and opens the door to confusion and every evil work which will bring defeat and harm to His church. So God will remove them.

A Great Separation Is Coming
A great separation is coming. What will be left standing in His church will be leaders with a heart after God, who don’t care about their reputations but are consumed with a desire to fulfill the purposes of God in the earth; leaders who have no agenda but God’s agenda. They are fully devoted to Him, love truth, love His people, and are willing to lay down everything for His sake. The love of the world is not in them. They know who they serve and count everything else as loss!

An Internal Investigation for a New Day
A new day is dawning. Old things will pass away; the glorious church will arise. God is looking for warriors of the light who know how to stand and fight until the job is done.

A Vision & Word – God is Sifting & He Will Choose
Vision by Cindy

I see the Lord walking through His church. He’s investigating; He’s looking. He’s saying: “I’ll take you, and you, and you. I know you’ll follow through; I know you’ll do what I’m asking of you.”

He’s walking and searching. He’s saying, “I’ll take you, and you.” He’s sifting; He’s sifting,
He’s looking through all the troops. He’s deciding who will lead. He’s deciding who will feed His sheep. He’s making judgments:

Who will stand and fight for what is just and right? Who will turn, run, and flee at the sight of the enemy?He’s sifting and looking. He’s been testing and trying and watching.

For He’s raising an army in these last days, with a fire in their eyes and hearts full of zeal for Him and His house; an army who will not compromise or tolerate Satan’s lies. An army with their eyes set on Christ, and the prize.

There is a separation coming. The lines are being drawn in the sand. Following is a Prophetic Poem God gave Cindy.

When the Lines Are Drawn in the Sand
A Prophetic Poem – given June 6th, 2012 by Cindy deVille

When the lines are drawn in the sand, On whose side will you stand? Will you say, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!” Or will you compromise and lay down your sword? God is looking for strong leaders in this hour, Those that will not bow down or cower. Not to money or to man, But marching to the drumbeat of God’s commands?

What will you do when the pressures are on? Will you stand tall, or will you go AWOL? Will you stand and fight, or will you take flight? It’s time to decide who you will serve. Will, you follow the crowd, Or will you live your faith out loud? Will you hide it under a bushel or set it on a hill? Surely you must know God’s will!

It’s time for the real body of Jesus Christ to wake up, stand up, and take our position in Christ as a warrior of light (Rom. 13:12; Eph. 6:10–20). It’s time to decide on which side you will stand. For those who know their God shall be
strong and do exploits (Dan. 11:32)!

God is looking for pastors and leaders to take the church to new levels and turn this nation back to Him. God is looking for leaders who will equip and prepare His people and churches for what’s coming. God is looking for leaders
that will embrace and do things His way. He wants strong leaders with a love and zeal for Him, His ways, His people, and souls. Will you be that man (or woman) and say, “Yes, Lord! You can count on me!” You can play a key role in
God’s Answer and help us make history.

Cindy deVille
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