Hour Glass + Two Tidal Waves

This came as a vision of an hour-glass…and two waves…

“There are yet things that need to come to pass
Before the glorious appearing of the Son of God.
There are yet things that must be done.

You will see great shiftings and positioning in the nations of the earth.
A preparation throughout the nations of the earth is taking place.
Shifting, Shaking, Positioning.

Tell My people to draw very, very close to Me. Close to Me.
And great, great Glory they are going to see.
But they must stay very close to Me.”

I see this for America
Two tidal waves. Two tidal waves.
The first tidal wave we are already in it and it’s just about done.
It’s just about run it’s course.
This tidal wave is the darkness.
It’s a tidal wave of wickedness, sin, perversion that has hit the land,
And it has seemed overwhelming.

But behind this wave there is a tidal wave of Glory that is coming.
I see it – it’s just waiting for the finishing of this wave to go out.
This wave about to come in is the wave of the Glory of God.
And what it’s going to do as it comes in and hits the land – it’s going to wash away all of the filth and destruction that the first wave brought in.
This wave – what is propelling it are the prayers of the saints.
That’s what has built it up. It’s been building up.
This huge, massive wave.
And as God’s people pray – that is the tidal wave America is going to see.
It’s going to come in and it’s going to crash down on the wickedness, the sin and it’s going to wash everything away that has rooted in and tried to take place.

We are almost to the end of this first dark wave.
This dark wave has spread across the land, and seems like it has infiltrated everything, covered everything, seeped into everything.
But when this second wave – the glory of the Lord comes – it’s going to do the same thing,
it’s going to seep into everything, with great force it will wash and drive away all that the previous wave brought.
The size of this wave will be determined by the size of the prayers of God’s people.
The greater the prayer, the greater the wave.

The dark wave is almost through.

A parallel to this is when Jesus was betrayed, The disciples scattered, He suffered, went to the cross, and the day turned darkness – it was like this dark wave came over the land.  But then this wave of glory came in (Acts 2). And where there had been all this pain and suffering – this wave of Glory came in and it brought great cleansing and joy,  – it changed everything.  So that wave of darkness was washed away by the wave of Glory.

This wave of Glory that will come in is going to be like a rebirth of the Church – like in the book of Acts but greater.
It’s like the model of the disciples coming together in obedience going into the upper room and set the stage for the new wave of glory to hit.

Haggai 2:9
The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.

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