This morning, Sept 22, 2020 during a Time of Prayer the Spirit of God came strongly upon me and spoke this word. I believe it will greatly encourage you!


The Lord is saying I will have them (My enemies) in disarray and they won’t know which way to go!

DISARRAY: To throw into a state of Disorganization. It also means to strip someone of clothing… ie to expose, uncover

They will know that I am alive
and that I am on the side of My people.
I am a just, and a Holy, and a Righteous King
And I will put a stop to these things
that are destroying My people
And destroying this land!

So, Listen Up and Understand
I will do what must be done
My Kingdom shall come
With one breath, one breath says the Lord

I will blow your enemies away!

No matter how strong they may look or be
Who can stand before Me, says the Lord
With one breath, says the Lord
With one Word, says the Lord

I will fulfill prophecy.

When My People Stand With Me
When they align their thoughts,
Their words, their ways with Me
Nothing shall be impossible for them

For nothing is impossible with Me.

So stand and see
As I bring your enemies to their knees.
For they want to be King
and they want to reign over things.
But I will remind them that I am King

And that I rule over everything!

For they are not fighting against you,
says the Lord
But they are fighting against Me
And they have met their enemy.
For it is Me, who will fight for you
It is Me,  I will do what I promised you

So fear not, fear not My flock, fear not

For I am going before You
I am about to turn the tables

I am about to shift everything.

So continue to stand with Me
Continue to speak for Me
Continue to fight for Me

And My righteous ways!

For you are forging, creating,
preparing a New day

All that you have prayed for!

Exodus 23:27 “I will send my terror ahead of you and create panic among all the people whose lands you invade. I will make all your enemies turn and run.
Cindy deVille
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