Individual Messages

Individual messages to help you walk in Victory Today, in Christ!


5.20.17 – The Making of a King (Play) • by Cindy deVille

“He hath made us kings and priests (Revelation 1:6).” The making of Great Kings and Leaders is a progression. The greatest biblical example of this is seen in the life of David.

7.15.17 – Worship: Past, Present & Future  (Play) • by Joshua & Rachel deVille

An important, insightful, and prophetic look at the past, the present and future of worship, by Joshua & Rachel deVille – Worship Leaders for Victory Today Church.

7.29.17 – If You Want To Win…You Gotta Be All In!  (Play) • by Cindy deVille

An important and inspiring message by Cindy. When we are all in…that’s when God and Heaven begins…to Move! Imagine, how many lives, cities, generations, and even nations will be impacted by your “YES, I’m all in!” for Him?