Many Americans are fearful, wondering if we are heading towards a Civil War in our nation. With horrifying images flashing across our screens in 2020, the hatred, the rioting and violence, along with the destruction of historical monuments and partial take over of cities, it seems we just may be on the cusp of something dreadful. But, will God allow such a thing?

For those who are new to our Blog, we encourage you to read the background we will share following this word. For the sake of our nation, your children and grandchildren, please take the time to read the Prophecies as God truly is speaking. Please continue to pray for our great nation and God’s divine purposes and plans for America!


Dec 7, 2013

Preface: As you know our prayer and heart’s cry has been for Awakening! This word came in 2013 and we share it with you today and ask you to please pray because of what we are seeing! None of us want to see Civil War, but it is possible God will allow such a thing if the current rise of anarchy, Marxism, rebellion and lawlessness are allowed to run rampant in our cities. The Church must heed God’s call to her knees in repentance and prayer at this time! If necessary, God will raise up a people to counter this apparent overtake of our nation, and especially if it will interfere with His plans and purposes for America’s God-given future and destiny. (When we speak of repentance in the Church, God is speaking to those who have compromised His Word and truth and those who have cast God’s word aside, embracing PRIDE and the very things Christ came to set the sinner free from)

“There is coming a great, a great cleansing in the land, a great cleansing in the land. It will begin in the high places, the high places, the names and the faces many know and see . A cleansing. The high and lofty ones will be brought down. I will remove their crowns and I will give them to another.
There will be fighting and wars even against sister and brother. A dividing of the vision for this land. A war against the constitution and those who stand for the foundations of the land.”

“A revolution is the solution (note: we are praying and believing this will be a Spiritual Revolution/ an Awakening!) . And, in the end, from beginning to end, the constitution will stand. There will be a cleansing of the land. “Those who would try to take our rights, as we arise, they will fear and take flight. But there must come a revolution. Then God concluded with: “It will be by My hand and I will root out of this land, I will use it to cleanse.”
I see an American Flag, and the red stripes on the flag, and keep hearing:
“They want to strip away the USA.” Stripping away, one stripe at a time. They want to strip away the USA. Strip away it’s power, it’s prestige, they want to make it weak, so they can bring defeat.

There are those working behind the scenes influenced by the kingdom of darkness to bring down America to make it easier for their global plans. But God has had plans for America throughout time, and He’s not done yet!

It seems now, they are trying to strip the BLUE too!

PS. PLEASE PRAY… that instead of Civil war, that God in His mercy would bring an Awakening that would bring the nation to it’s knees and back to Him. At the same time we pray, thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven!

Note: This Civil war would not be about race but about the future of America



Just as a loving Father warns his children of the consequences of their actions or lack thereof, God in His goodness does the same thing. If He did not we would be illegitimate Children. We have a Father who loves us, thus he warns and corrects us. Warnings and judgment come to deal with and root out wickedness and sin, those things that spread like a cancer and ultimately and eternally destroy lives, families, cities and nations. (Chapter 8 of our book covers how God deals with nations)

As many of you know in November of 2007 we shared an intense vision and prophetic word Cindy had titled Judgment is Running then, in December of that same year she had another vision and prophetic warning called America, America. In this warning you can hear the heart cry of God calling out to the nation. Although many in the Church reject any warnings of judgment, we knew God was speaking and we had a responsibility to share. Both of these words speak of war and bloodshed in the streets.

These visions and prophetic warnings brought us to our knees to seek God as to what He would have us do. It was there on our knees that the book “God’s Answer for America” was born and released in 2015. This book addresses the levels of sin, both in the Church and the nation. The second half of the book reveals God’s answer to turn everything around. It took us 7 years to finish the book as we were working full-time as well. We did everything to get the message out, sending the book to key Pastors and leaders. We also sent it to key leaders in Washington DC, praying and believing God would use it.

As I (Cindy) continued to cry out to God for the nation, the Lord said He would bring America to her knees, that it would either be through the Greatest Awakening ever seen, or she would be driven to her knees through Calamity and Chaos, and that she’d suffer great loss! He said the course of the nation was in the hands of the Church, and that He was calling His leaders in the pulpits and Christians across America to their knees..

In Chapter 12 on Page 103 we share that until America turns back to God, our nation may have to go through a very grueling time because of the great sin and pride – like a crucible of purging and cleansing. Out of it America and the Constitution will stand and be ready for God’s end-time plans.

We shifted our focus and began to intercede and cry out for a Great Awakening, beginning in the Pulpits and Churches in America. We prayed that God would bring the Pastors and Churches to their knees, then we focused on the nation, the LGBT and all those deceived and lost in sin. We know that with God all things are possible. He instructed us not to stop praying until we see this Great Awakening.

(Added Note: We know there have been many other prayer movements praying for Awakening and incorporating the prayer of repentance according to 2 Chronicles 7:14 over these past several years,  and because of that we have seen God moving in our nation. We believe we are in a final push and if the Church will really set their heart to pray and press in at this critical time we can see everything change! so please be encouraged)



ANOTHER WARNING IN 2016: (about curses & hearses)
This came while praying with our team for Awakening in 2016, It came quite unexpectedly. I did not want to speak or share it…. but I knew it was him… my natural mind totally rejected it, because it was not what I wanted to hear…. He warned and said the following about Dark days ahead. We did share on video but uncertain if we shared in an article as it was pretty intense.

DARK DAYS AHEAD: (Date Given: May 18, 2016)
“There are dark, dark days ahead, only when they begin to see calamity and chaos in the land will they seek me and bow their knee and begin to understand what I have been trying to say! 

The Lord said, 
“You can’t just promise them a Great Awakening, you need to warn them! they need to understand what’s coming if they don’t listen to Me. They need to understand! 

Then he said…. “the only thing that will avert this is if the Churches and people get on their knees, the closer we get to the elections, closer to November… lots of manipulating, Do not second guess there will be turmoil, there will be stress… don’t second guess me for I see what will be. Don’t let your desires cloud reality, don’t let your own desires mask the reality of what I see. (we are uncertain which election He was speaking of, perhaps both 2016 & 2020)

As God was speaking I kept hearing these words in my Spirit like utterances:
curse, curse, hearse, hearse. I didn’t want to speak this as I didn’t understand, but I knew it had to do with America.

I then shared that God wants to bring an Awakening, but it may be he has to bring the nation to its knees through great humbling. If the Church doesn’t humble itself under the mighty hand of God and begin to cry out, He will have to come and humble the nation. 

curse, hearse…. I see all these hearses.
We are opening up the nation to the curse of God because of the sin! 

(Note: I now realize what I was hearing and seeing may have been about COVID 19 and all the deaths and hearses reported lined up in New York)





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