Preface: On September 14th, the Lord spoke this word quite forcefully to us during a time of worship and prayer. We believe He would have us share it with you.  Many of us have been praying not only for Awakening but also for God to expose and uproot the corruption and those things hidden in darkness in our nation. We have prayed that righteousness and truth would prevail.

As God exposes these things we may experience even greater shaking in our nation. It may seem like more chaos and confusion as these dark forces are exposed and uprooted.  In the midst of this process God needs His people to trust Him, to listen, to pray and be at peace until His work is complete.


“Its time to Expose
It’s time to Expose
Time to Expose

Many things are hidden in darkness. They are hidden away, but I’m coming to expose, and there will be a great, great, greater shaking.

I will overturn the tables
And many will scatter and they will run!”

What I Saw and Heard
I can hear them say almost frantically, “it was fun… but it’s done, it’s over…no more, no more…I see this table (like a money changers table) being overturned and I see all these people quickly scattering, like every man for himself, because they’ve been found out. It was like run for the hills, run for your life!

Like Puppets On a String
I believe this has to do with Government and those who have been embedded behind all this, using their money and power to control things and people, like puppets on strings. Many of them have been like puppets on a string, doing and saying everything they were told.

God is in Control
God will let them all know that they are not in control. He is coming in and I see Him cutting these puppet strings, I see Him moving and cutting these puppet strings, and I see these people falling to the ground with no life in them. They will become as nothing!

Shaking, Chaos and Confusion
When these things start happening it will be unsettling as things are uprooted and may seem like more chaos and confusion. We need to trust God in this process and remember that He is in control and He is working to answer the prayers of the saints.

Trust God in the Timing and the Process as we Pray and Obey Him!





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