Like Never Before – Prepare Yourself

Preface: This prophecy actually came in 2009. It is amazing how God speaks and informs us of what is to come and what He is going to do. We have witnessed many of these things and as we move into 2021 I believe we will see even more unfold. As the Church we know God is in control and we do not need to fear. We just need to stay very close to Him and His Word, pray, obey and engage in being salt and light. 

“Like nothing that has ever been – I am about to begin in the earth.
it’s like nothing that has ever been – I shall begin.

I shall have My way in all of the Earth.
I shall have My way in all of My Church.

For I am looking down upon the earth,
And I am looking closely at My Church.
I am watching closely.

There has been a falling away
You will see it – a separation taking place.
For I have been watching closely.
I see the real and I see the counterfeit
There will be a great split and divide between the two sides.

The real will rise up in power, and display My glory.
The counterfeit will stand on the side and they will antagonize.
There shall be a great split, a great divide.

There will be war between that which is of My Spirit, and that which is of the flesh.
There will be war between truth and between lies,
For many have blinded eyes.

For who will be able to stand in the day of My power?
Which will be released in this hour.

This is not as times gone by.
These are not as times and as days past.
These are not like those days.
But things will progressively get worse throughout the earth
These are the days before the coming of the Son of man.
These are the days that I will hasten to perform My Word
For I will carry out those things you have heard.

These are the days I will speak as never before, as never before.

Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit would say to the Church
The Spirit says:
Prepare and make yourself ready.
For the Bridegroom is about to come.
Many are not ready and there is much yet to be done.
She must wash and cleanse and prepare herself.
She must make herself ready.
She must be one.
Then She will rise up in the earth.
She will be My glorious one and she will get the job done.
He who has ears, let him hear.

Many have no oil in their lamps, and the door will soon shut.
And outside there shall be much wailing and mourning and weeping.

This is the time to prepare the Bride.
Prepare the Bride, prepare the Bride.
Prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare,
Prepare the Bride – Send forth a wake up call.
Wake her up, shake her up, make her ready.
She must wake up and open up her eyes.

Many think this is just like before, you must tell them no – this is so much more.
This is not like before, it’s not like before.
For there shall be more war, more war.
There shall be greater earthquakes in more places – greater magnitude – in high and low places
These will not be like any days before.

So I’m calling forth My Bride.
I will do a work inside of her, inside My Church.
She will display and reveal My glory in the earth.”

WAR IN STREETS (If America continues to rage against God)
I don’t want to speak this but I see…
There will be violence and war in the streets, many will retreat into their homes.
I see the President signing a curfew to try and control it.

It’s like God said there will be bloodshed and war in the streets,
Without His defense we would see defeat at the hand of our enemies.
Everything He’s spoken will be, unless America listens to His plea.
She must listen to His plea, or He will bring her to her knees.
(This references the “America” prophecies)

“Do not try to please man but you must stand up when I tell you to stand,
And speak when I tell you to speak.
You must not retreat or draw back for fear of man.
You will answer to Me, You will answer to Me.”

I see scientists and highly educated men being perplexed trying to understand what’s happening.
Their own reasoning and their own understanding and knowledge will fail them.
What they thought they knew will no longer be true and they won’t know what to do.
They will be perplexed men, and confused.

“I will cause My people to know My ways,
And they will be the ones that have the answers in these days.
Those who are walking in the light will have great insight, great understanding.
But those in the darkness will be confused, and defused,
They won’t know which way to go.
But My people will be the light, they will see the way in the night.
I will give them – I will give them – I will give them great insight, great understanding.
And those that once thought them fools shall see them rise up and rule.
For I will make the crooked place straight.
I will raise up every valley, I will bring down every mountain.”

“For this time here. this earthly life, has only been a test.
To decide who will rule and reign in all the rest.
The rest of eternity
This has only been a test
A test for all the rest of eternity.”

I hear God saying something about:
Ocean tides – they would be unusual not normal, higher and lower than usual.
Something that would baffle the scientists.

I saw painting of the ocean and it changed, nothing was the same.
God wants to unseat the wisdom of the wise.
Those who take great pride in their knowledge.
He’s going to show them that they’ve been wrong all along.
He’s going to bring them low, and their going to feel humiliated.
They’ve been looked up to and lifted high, He’s going to bring them down in all their pride.

“They will be laughed at and humiliated,
And they will know I am the One who created the heavens and the earth, the stars and the sun.

This will begin to happen when My glory is revealed.
It will happen at the set and appointed time.
When everything in My Church comes in line,
And My Church is glorious and refined.”

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