Preface: I believe this Prophetic Poem will stir your heart as you read. We have learned through the years that when God speaks He is establishing and releasing His word to go to work. We may not see the full manifestation of it for years, sometimes decades. We see this example throughout scripture, often the Prophets spoke years and decades ahead of an event.

August 2009

I am preparing to move in such a way, that there will be those who will say,
I cannot believe this is happening in our day.

Know this My Church, My Bride,
All that I have spoken to you throughout time, it shall all come in line.
For I am the God of all truth, and I cannot lie to you.

This is a time to trust Me, to know Me, to hear and draw near to Me.
A time to Obey Me. To live and walk in My Spirit and in My ways,
I am working deep inside My Church as I have said.
I am preparing her.

Yes, there has been a great falling away,
but there is a Remnant, a Remnant,
And they are willing to pay the price,
They are willing to make great sacrifice
To see My will and My Glory come.

They are My Fully Devoted Ones
and with Me they will run!

They will rise up and run like men of war,
Like nothing we have seen before.

These are the ones who have laid down their lives,
These are the ones who will receive the crown and the prize.

So, My Church – open up, open up your spiritual eyes and see.
Open up your ears and hear. All that I have said will be!

Just watch Me, watch Me, watch Me.
As I fill My Church with My Glory.
Then you will see her rise up as One,
Then you will see My Kingdom Come!

Those who are not fully submitted and surrendered to Me,
Those who will not bow their knee,
They will find great confusion in their lives,
For these are very intense times.

This is a time when you must draw the line.
It’s all or nothing, a partial surrender will not work,
For I cannot have a half-hearted Church!

I am preparing to do a Great Work in the earth,
And My Church must be purified and fully surrendered to Me,
Hanging on to nothing, nothing, nothing of this earth.
Not fame or fortune, position or title,
Nothing but Me,

Then You will see My Glory!

Cindy deVille
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