Following are organizations and ministries that are on the front lines fighting for righteousness, truth and justice in our land. We encourage you to subscribe to their emails and support them, so you can be updated on critical legislation that will affect your family, your religious freedoms, and the moral direction of America.

We believe that evil prevails when good men do nothing! Scripture makes it clear that faith without works is dead. We must humble ourselves and Pray, for souls, for our nation and our leaders, both Civic and in the Pulpits of America. Then we must actively engage at every level and on every front if we are to bring about the change we so desperately need in America!

Together, with God, We Can Change a Nation!

PS. This is not an exhaustive list by any means. We know there are many great ministries doing great works that may not be listed here. However, these are organizations we are very familiar with and have proven to have significant impact.


Family Research Council

American Family Action

American Family Radio

Focus on the Family

One Million Moms


Justice Foundation

The Moral Outcry

Life News


Faith & Freedom Coalition


Voter Guides by FRC 

Wall Builders


Pray, America! Pray!

Intercessors for America

National Day of Prayer
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