America is raging down a path of self-destruction. And what we (the church) do or don’t do at this pivotal time in history will determine the course of this nation—either the collapse and destruction of America or the greatest awakening ever seen.

a Nation on it’s Knees in the Greatest Awakening ever seen! It all begins with us – the church – from the pulpit to the pews.

What would happen if all across America at 12:00 noon each day, Christians would stop and bow their hearts, humble themselves and pray. What if at 12:00 noon each day we began with one voice to cry out to God for an Awakening such as we have never seen to hit our nation from the pulpit, to the pew then to the multitudes?What if we began to pour out our prayers like rain, until God came and poured out His Spirit like rain all across America!What if we could see the lost, the sinner, the backslidden and the prodigals running out into our streets in repentance crying out to God for salvation?I see it! and I believe that with God anything is possible and that every prayer we have prayed and every price we have paid will not have been in vain!

This is part of the solution we expound on in our book   God’s Answer for America: How to Save and Change a Nation. 
Cindy deVille
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