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Prayer is high priority at Victory Today Family Church. God’s called His house to be a “house of prayer” (Isa. 56:7; Matt. 21:13; Luke 19:46; Mark 11:17) —to be a light house with God’s Word, worship, and prayer at its very core.

• We have Prayer before every Weekend Service.
• Our Worship and Services include prayer.
• We are praying daily as Church leadership team.
• Once we have our facility we plan to also open up the Church for Early morning and noon prayer.
• Our goal is to eventually have a place with 24/7 Worship and Prayer.
More details about all this are to come. The following prophetic Word and Vision show the power and results we will see!

Please let us know if you desire to join our intercessors team.

See the power of prayer and the results we will see in a special prophetic word called:
Glorious House of Prayer—Rivers Flow Out, Souls Flow In

Read the Prophetic Word here

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