This Prophetic word came in October of 2022 during a time of Prayer . We share it with you as an encouragement to continue to pray and posture your heart and life right before the King. As I pondered this, I was reminded how the Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost as the disciples prayed in the upper room. It was suddenly… 

“Like Lightning, like Lightning. I will strike, and I will come suddenly; I will strike suddenly like lightning! And it will not just be in one place, but it will be in many places. It will be here, and it will be there, and it will be everywhere.

As the Prayers of the saints are poured out like rain, those prayers through the generations begin to be released, and my answer to those prayers are released, nations will fall to their knees.

For there has been a cup that has been filling up, filling up…. For I will break open the heavens, and I will come down, like lightning, I will strike suddenly. Just as I came on the day of Pentecost, And suddenly there was a sound like a mighty rushing wind. And suddenly, My spirit blew in. And so shall it be.

I will come; I will strike like lightning! And they will say, what can this be? He’s moving here; He’s moving there; he’s moving everywhere.

It’s in response to the prayers, the prayers, prayers… you’ve labored, labored, labored in prayer, labored in tears… labored on your knees crying out before Me. Do you think I have not heard? I have heard, and so shall you hear as I come near.

There shall be glory, there shall be judgments, and there shall be wrath.
And I will come at last. I will come.

Warn them for Me, Warn them for Me

I will give the invitation for them to come to Me.

On My side, says the Lord, there will be mercy. As they come, bow and stand before Me, I will show great compassion. For the wages of sin, they are death, but I have paid that price. My death. So I extend an invitation for them to come and stand with Me to receive My grace and My mercy. …. So plead with them.. come to Me… So plead with them, cry out for them that their eyes would see… Many are deceived; you must help them see.”

Cindy deVille
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