Dated: Sept 30th, 2020
There’s no other way to say it. Last nights debates were messy. They were brutal, and I think left most Americans wondering what in the world just happened? Many are concerned they did more harm than good for both Candidates and left some voters more frustrated and undecided than before the debates took place.

Before I say more about the debates, I think its important to remind ourselves that this Election is not a personality contest, but it’s clearly about the future of America and God’s plan and destiny for us as a nation.

From day one, President Trump has fought heroically for our religious freedoms and has welcomed God back into America! These are two critical things that must happen if our great nation is to survive and thrive in the future. President Trump has shown his love for this country and continues to fight to put America first and to keep our history and foundations true. We personally love the fact that he proudly supports our men and women in Blue and in uniform, he is for Law and Order, he stands for life, he stands with Israel,  he’s an experienced businessman and not a politician, he’s fighting for our black communities and is putting amazing Conservative judges in place. My list of positives could go on and on. And, overall I do like the fact that he is a fighter.

The one thing that stands out to many of us is that President Trump is definitely a fighter! I believe this is by God’s design and what’s needed in the White House right now. The enemies we are dealing with, both foreign and domestic, unfortunately don’t play nice! They play dirty, and they play hard, and are willing to pay any price to get what they want – which is power. We have all witnessed this from the onset of  President Trumps first campaign. Just look at the Russia, Russia hoax and the constant attempts to smear and Impeach a duly elected President.

President Trump enters these debates knowing that 90% of the media are attacking, lying, and fighting against him, along with the entire Democratic Party, and the moderator of the debates who appears to be a never Trumper.

By all appearances Trump came out swinging last night and it wasn’t pretty. Something just really seemed off from the beginning. It surely wasn’t his best fight. We began to wonder if someone put something in his water or if there was some kind of serious occultic activity going on behind the scenes because the entire debate was just a bit crazy! The ongoing interruptions and talking over Chris Wallace didn’t seem to create a positive image for our President in the eyes of many viewers.

If we rate the debates purely on the topics and substance, President Trump did a great job when he spoke directly to the issues. I believe he actually won on that merit as Biden didn’t have anything that got peoples attention except to say “shut up man” which made him appear very weak and out of control as well.

In our opinion, the debate format seemed to feed into the confusion. And, from the beginning it seemed Chris Wallace had several of the Democrats talking points. At times it actually appeared that Chris was also debating with the President. He shut him down several times while allowing Biden to go on and interrupt Trump. Perhaps this is why the President felt the need to press on and talk over Chris. Unfortunately it didn’t come across well to those of us viewing.

Not only did Biden come across as rude and un-presidential in his name calling, he also interrupted often as well, and was caught in absolute lies. It was very telling when he refused to answer some very important questions Americans really wanted an answer to. He also refused to denounce Antifa which is very concerning to most. He actually called them an “idea”. This is very troubling and leaves one to believe that the Democrats are actually behind Antifa. (something many have suspected)

As Americans we must all remember that this Election is not a personality contest, but it’s about the future of America!

When we look at the Presidential platforms and what they stand for, we need to ask ourselves some serious questions about what we really want for our future:

1. Do we want a godless nation or do we want a nation where God is welcomed and celebrated?
2. Do we want a nation where Pastors are thrown in prison for preaching truth from the Bible?
3. Do we want a Leader that fights for abortion on demand or one that cherishes Life?
4. Do we want a Leader that will reimagine and defund the police and pit people against them or a leader that will support them?
5. Do we want a Leader that’s ok with disrupting the nuclear family, and celebrates men having sex with men by lighting up the White House in rainbow colors.
6. Do we want a nation that has become so sexually perverse that we legislate Pedophilia and gay sex with minors?
7. Do we want a leader that bows down to other nations and is willing to sell out and send our jobs and futures to China and other countries?
8. Do we want a nation with open borders or do we want secure borders?
9. Do we want a nation with Sanctuary cities where criminals are rewarded and ICE is vilified?
10. Do we want a leader whose willing to shut down our economy indefinitely and willing to strip Americans of their freedom to live, to work and to worship.
11. Do we want a leader who does not stand with our men and women in uniform?
12. Do we want a leader who will support an organization that riots, loots, and burns cities and kills our Police officers?
13. Do we want a leader who is against school choice, leaving our inner cities and minorities to remain in poverty.
14. Do we want a leader unable to see that we must have a balance between the environment and the economy.
15. Do we want to be a Socialist nation and end up like Venezuela or Cuba?
16. Do we want a leader that will support Israel?

These are all serious questions we must ask ourselves when we choose the man and the Party we want to lead our nation. There are clearly two very different paths before us. I personally believe one will lead to life and the other death. Thus, we must choose wisely!

It is all about the future of  America

As strong supporters of our President Donald J. Trump we’d like to give our feedback and thoughts on the debates. It is our prayer and desire that all future debates leave the viewers with a very favorable view of our President turning them into supporters that will vote for him. Following are our thoughts:

1. Our President can still be a fighter, but we also want him to be Presidential and a statesman who appears strategic, and always in control.
2. For someone promoting law and order, we suggest  he exemplify order and do his best to follow the debate law/guidelines as agreed upon.
3. Even though he is President, holding the highest office in the land, we believe it’s important he does his best to honor the moderators requests. When he doesn’t, it appears as a negative to the viewers, and can make potential voters nervous.

As God’s people we must continue to pray for our nation, to pray for a Great Awakening, for our President and all our leaders! We are believing for a great victory on Election Day as we continue to pray for God’s perfect will to be done and for His Kingdom to Come! Amen!

Cindy deVille
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Cindy deVille is co-founder, along with her husband, of Victory Today Global Church, Shekinah Today Ministries and the Pray, America! Pray Campaign. She is a speaker, co-author, intercessor and writer. Cindy has a passion to see the Church rise up and Be Glorious and to see a Great Awakening all across America.