God has been and is raising up Giant Killers who know how to pray and are ready to engage on every front and in every arena in the USA.

THESE GIANT KILLERS cannot be bought, they have fought the good fight and they will stand with their lives for what is just and right! They fear no man, for the love and fear of God burns in them! They don’t play pretend and they are fierce in battle because they know who goes before them. Get ready America, for the Giant Killers are coming! They will back down to no one but God himself!

THERE IS ONLY ONE POWER strong enough to change the course of our nation and turn America back to God. There is only one power strong enough to overturn the tables and root out the corruption embedded in Washington DC and in our institutions.

THAT ONE POWER is God’s power working through the prayers and the obedience of His fully devoted ones – they will be called the Giant Killers, and they are coming out of the secret place covered with the power of the Kings glory and grace and nothing will be able to stop them!

(A Prophecy Originally given May 18, 2009)

And God would say to His people:
There are giants in the land. Giants in the land, and they think they will forever stand.
They think they will stand forever and continue to be strengthened,
The giants that are standing, standing in the land.

And just as in David’s day, just as with Goliath who thought he would stay and he would rule and would continue to stand in the land and torment the children of God, the children of Israel, and the armies of God.

But just as Goliath fell – just as he fell, so shall the giants in your land fall. They will fall, they will fall. And there is a CALL going forth right now throughout the land, throughout My body, says the Lord.
I am calling for the Giant Killers in the land. I am calling for those who have a heart after Me, a heart that is pure before Me as David’s was, a heart of repentance.

I am searching, I am searching to and fro, and I am looking for the Giant Killers.
Those who will go to the giants in My power, in purity, in humility, and in faith.
Those who will look the giants in the face and say –’this day I will have your head, this day you are coming down! This Day, this Day! And the giants in the land will dread, they will dread, they will dread these Giant Killers that I will raise up.

And just as in David’s day, many in the church have backed away. They have listened to the lies of the giant. They have listened to his tauntings and to his lies, and they have backed away. They have been afraid.

But just as David had been with Me. Just as David was not afraid, he was not afraid because he knew Me. He knew Me. He walked with Me. He communed with Me. And at that time in his life he had pure heart and he had clean hands. He was broken before Me and humble before Me.

So, in this day these are the ones that will rise and face the giants and bring them down.
For those who know their God – who know their God – shall be strong,
and they will do exploits in these days, they will do exploits in My name!

So, I am calling you. I am calling you to humble yourself before Me. I am calling you to be pure before Me. To walk in purity, purity in heart, purity in motive. purity in your life. Humble yourself before Me.

For many have backed down, and many have backed away, from the challenges and the giants of their day. They have lost their fear of Me, and they do not acknowledge Me. And now, they fear the giants. They fear and they tremble. Many do not tremble at My word, but they tremble at the giants. For they have not communed with Me, the God of ALL VICTORY!

They have not communed with Me, and they do not see that apart from Me, they can do nothing.
For I am the one who shall empower them. I am the who shall strengthen them. I am the one who will equip them.

But many, many, many in My Church are living and moving in their own strength. It is not in Me that they are living and moving and having their being. So, they cannot walk in victory.
I am Jehovah Nissi, I am the Lord God Your Victory – your victory.

Come to Me and I will show you how to win every war.
Come to Me and I will cause you to rise up and soar.
Come to Me and bow your knee, humble yourself before Me.

Purify your hearts. Turn away from your idols. Cast aside every weight. Cast aside every sin.
Then watch Me take you in. Into the land, into what I have promised you, into all that I have spoken to you.

There is NO other way. I have prepared the way for you. I have already made the way. But you must come to Me, You must listen to Me, and you must do it MY way.

So, prepare yourself, for I am going to raise up Giant killers in the land. My question to you is – will you be one of them?

These Giant Killers will walk in purity, in humility, and in faith., purity in heart, purity in motive, purity in life, and humility evidenced through their obedience and faith.
Faith to look the giants in the face.
Faith in their God.
Faith to move mountains.
Faith to shake nations.

For The just shall live by faith.”


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