“For I am the Lord of Glory.
I am the Lord of Glory.
I am not just a character from a Bible story.
I am the Lord of Glory.

Many in My Church have not portrayed Me as such,
And they have done much damage.
For there is no honor or fear of Me in the land
To the world and even in My church I’ve become nothing more
nothing more than a character in a story.
And, I am no longer known as the Lord of Glory.

You see, I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah
But many in My Church, they have taken out My teeth,
they have numbed and dumbed Me down for the world to see.
This is how they portray Me.

Yes, I humbled myself and I became as man, that was to fulfill the salvation plan,
But that is not who I am – I am not a man, I am not a man! – I am God.

For I do not fit into their little mold, and how they have sold Me.
For I am the Lord of Glory.
My ways are not their ways.
My thoughts are not their thoughts.
I will not fit into their mold.

For I will not comfort them in their sin – those are not My ways.
Yet, in My Church that is what they do.
They have not told My people the Truth.
So many no longer fear or honor Me, and they know not My righteous ways.

I will no longer allow them comfort in their sin, but I will begin to confront them.
They have tried to mold and shape Me into what they want Me to be,
but I will show them that I am the Lord of Glory.
I am not coming to comfort them in their sin, but I have come to confront them.

For many have told lies about Me.
Many, even in the Five-fold Ministry.
They’ve painted a picture of Me and it has been wrong.
They really have not known Me all along.
I am not who they say I am.

My Church must know Me as the Lord of Glory.
I will reveal myself for all to see, I am not just an earthly King
but I am the Lord of Glory! the King above all Kings.

Yes, I will come and I will speak to you as a Father, and even as a friend,
but never forget I AM THAT I AM! I have not changed!
My power, My Glory, My Holiness, and My Love,
it all remains the same, for I do not change!


Cindy deVille
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