The year is 2020 – and election day is finally here. A day that could go down in history. A day where a vote could determine the future and course of our great nation. The lines are clearly being drawn in the sand, and it’s time to choose where we will stand.

Will we as the Church in America unashamedly stand for God, for life, for family & marriage, for freedom, for America, for Israel, and boldly declare that we are one nation under God. Or, will we side with those who want to cancel America, cancel God and our religious freedoms, implement socialism leading to communism, and promote homosexuality and gender confusion to our children.

The battle raging for America has been fierce and intense.  Not only are we fighting a spiritual battle for souls and for a Great Awakening, but a battle for America’s future and foundations, and her very existence. The reason the battle has been so fierce is because we are breaking through on multiple levels and the Kingdom of darkness is in panic mode. We are now in the final push and major breakthroughs and victories are standing on the other side of all this! This is a time for us Church to Press into that victory!

“Don’t Settle For Less, Press! Press! Press!”  
Cindy deVille

God was ready and prepared for this battle when He gave us President Donald J Trump in 2016. He knew it would take a true fighter and a patriot to press through the hate and resistance. President Trump has proven his love for this country and its people as he has tirelessly fought from day one. From the beginning, our President proudly acknowledged our need for God and prayer, and brilliantly surrounded himself with intercessors that have been in the fight with him everyday!  And, he has fought like no other President in our life time for our religious freedoms.

From day one we watched as men, media and governments relentlessly fought to take this man down. Then, this year the battle went to a whole new level with COVID 19 being unleashed from China, which forced the shut down of the largest economy in the world. We watched as many liberal mayors attempted to strip us of our freedoms to worship, to work, to operate our businesses, etc. What we all witnessed were their extreme liberal agendas and their utter contempt for America and the Church.

If this wasn’t enough, we then watched in horror as the mob was unleashed in our city streets, burning, looting, killing and destroying lives, families, businesses and cities, all supposedly in the name of justice by the BLM Marxist organization. To our shock, Democratic leaders sat by as if paralyzed, while silently empowering and cheering them on.  It seemed some unknown power was at work behind the scenes to stir up great unrest and racial divide in our nation and bring greater destruction to our economy.

In light of all this our President not only stands strong but lives to fight another day! What’s amazing is that while fighting he still accomplished more in his first 4 years than most have accomplished in their life time. We believe the pure, passionate and persistent prayers of the saints have helped make this all possible.

Many are wondering where God has been in all of this. Did He allow these things to shake and wake up His Church or could these also be warnings and judgments of God upon our land for the sin we’ve allowed, the shedding of innocent blood, the sexual perversion and the compromise and sin in the Church? We do know  that all this shaking has caused many hidden things to be exposed.

Although we know Satan is working to destroy lives and our nation, we know God is countering this and is working on multiple levels and in multiple ways to bring about Awakening, the salvation of our nation and at the same time deal with the sin and wickedness we are seeing in our land.

We simply cannot put God in a box and dictate how He will answer our prayers and who He can or cannot use. He sits above the circle of the earth and He alone sees into the hearts of man and He alone knows all things.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Years ago in 2009 the Lord told us to tell His people that the course of the nation was in their hands, if they would but pray.

Since that time God has raised up a remnant and many powerful prayer movements across America to pray for a Great Awakening and reformation. We believe those prayers helped bring about the Trump Administration and a shift in our nation.

Although most may not agree with President Trump’s manners, we simply can’t deny the critical things he . and his Administration have accomplished on behalf of life, the family, the Church and our religious freedoms. These things alone have caused the forces of darkness to unleash unrelenting attacks to take him out.

Please take the time to read these critical accomplishments on the link below.   Since 2016 we’ve witnessed God moving and working in powerful ways with many conservative judges being put in place.  What we are seeing are the beginnings of reformation in our land. God has used the Trump Administration to give the Church a voice, a platform, and an open door into the White House so His plans and purposes for America can be carried out.  God’s plans are for His goodness, His glory and the Healing of our land!

There is a reason the occult, witches, the liberal lying media, and Hollywood hate and attack this man day and night and his plans for America. First, he stands and fights for our religious rights, and they just can’t have that if their ungodly agendas are going to work. There are very dark spiritual forces working behind the scenes to destroy this nation and remove all reference to God. The Church must stand against this darkness and we must be the salt and light God has called us to be.

We truly believe we are on the cusp of the Greatest Awakening and reformation we have ever seen in America. If God’s people will continue to pray and engage at every level and on every front we will see God move in unprecedented ways.


Father God, let your Kingdom Come and your will be done. We pray and declare that no man, no force, no power or party and no Government will be able to stop the plans and the purposes of God for the United States of America!

We Pray for an Awakening and Reformation all across America such as we have never seen before. In your mercy Father God we ask that you would come and bring America to her knees and back to you in this Great Awakening, open her eyes to see how great our sin as a nation, how great your love and how great our need is for you and your righteous ways!

And, we Pray that you would give our President, Donald J. Trump 4 more years in the White House.

And, we declare that no force shall be able to stop or hinder the Church of Jesus Christ as she arises in the earth as God’s Glorious victorious Church – taking salvation to the nations!





Darrel & Cindy deVille
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