What if God’s plans for you are far greater than what you had planned for your life? Would you be willing to lay down your own plans and your dreams to take up the plans, agendas, and dreams of God? Imagine, what might happen if we, the entire body of Christ came to this place of complete surrender. I believe we could change everything!

It was over a decade ago while struggling to lay down everything when God began to show me something very important.  He began to show me that the plans and dreams I had actually paled in comparison to what His plans were for me.

I knew at that point I could not take hold of His greater plans and dreams for me until I was willing to let go of the little things I was hanging onto. Some of those things I had worked very hard to obtain, but before God they were deemed worthless. I remember when I let go of everything, including every preconceived idea I had about God, my life, what I wanted, and even what I thought God wanted of me.

One of the most glorious moments I experienced came as I began to cry out to God and pray “Father, show me YOUR heart! Show me the dreams, the desires, and the plans that are in your heart.” I prayed, “show me what makes You weep, what breaks Your heart, and even what makes You smile.” Show me the bigger picture and plan you have for my life and your Church.

This is when He began to show me His love and passion for His Church.  His plans were to prepare her to rise up and be His glorious, victorious Church ready to reveal His glory in the earth. From that point on my life has been consumed with fulfilling His plans and His dreams for me. We are now one in purpose.

Have you ever noticed that when God speaks to us, both in His written word and to us personally He always tends to talk BIG! Why is that? It’s because He is big, I mean really BIG! Just look at the stars and how He spoke to Abraham. He promises to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ask or think! We see so many examples throughout His word of His greatness and power.

One thing He personally tells me often is “Cindy, I need you to think BIG with Me! Put away all doubt, fear and unbelief and look at Me!”  “Remove the limitations and raise up your expectations, for nothing is impossible for Me, I just need you to believe what I have promised you!” I’d like to say the same thing to you today.

Daniel 11:32b tells us that those who know their God, they shall be strong and do exploits. Exploits means great and heroic things. It’s God working in and through us that will bring glory and fame to His name! The secret is in knowing and being one with Him and aligning your thoughts, words and ways with His Kingdom.

When God really opens up the deep places of His heart to you, you will never be the same again! You will become enthralled with His love, made breathless by His power, and utterly speechless when confronted with His holiness! He will leave you undone as He did with Isaiah whose response was “woe is me!” It is this kind of encounter with Him that will cause you to fear nothing again, but Him!

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to ask Him today to show you His heart and plans for your life – the big picture. Remember, that He thinks big. It is in fulfilling His dreams and plans in the earth that you will find complete fulfillment and joy!

Note: I know God does show us His heart and thoughts through His written word, but there are those moments of intimacy when he reveals the secret things as we pursue that deep relationship with Him.

For the Glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together, for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. Isaiah 40:5

Father, I pray that you would begin to reveal your heart today in such a way that our lives would never be the same again. Reveal your greatness and glory to your daughters today and allow them to see the greater and bigger things you want to do in and through them as they surrender to You. Your precious word says that the secrets of the Lord are those who fear you. Teach us to  fear you once again as we draw near to you! Reveal your glory to your people, to our nation and throughout the nations of the earth, as I know this is your desire.

Isaiah 40:5, Matthew 7:21, Matthew 6:33, Psalm 25:14, Luke 24:32, Isaiah 6:1-8, Psalm 97

Cindy deVille
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Cindy deVille is co-founder, along with her husband, of Victory Today Global Church, Shekinah Today Ministries and the Pray, America! Pray Campaign. She is a speaker, co-author, intercessor and writer. Cindy has a passion to see the Church rise up and Be Glorious and to see a Great Awakening all across America.